Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Science Fiction Challenge

You've read our commentary on speculative fiction, and seen the blurbs for the stories in our anthology. Now it's your turn.

Below are five writing prompts to jump start your imagination. Can you create an amazing story using one or more? How about in 100 words or less? Give it a try and share in the comments section below. We'll offer our feedback on any shared before next Wednesday. Good luck - we look forward to reading your creation!

1) You discover you're the result of a DNA experiment.

2) You wake to discover you have no memory of the last five years, during which time you have been a missing person, and now you have a special ability.

3) Investigating colonization prospects in other galaxies, you discover the unexpected.

4) In Victorian England your new inventions change society.

5) Dream walking.


  1. I think I pretty much did number three with my second book!

  2. These are a great help. I have no excuse for not trying speculative fiction. And really, my hesitation is strange because I love speculative films.

  3. Alex - try another one!

    Joylene - I hope you'll give it a try. Speculative can be so much fun to write because the bones are there, but you can set your own rules.

  4. The tapping on the window woke him up.
    “License and registration.”
    “License and registration, sir.”
    Fuzzy dice swung from the mirror. A burger wrapper lay on the floor. What? He was a vegetarian!
    “Sir, step out of the car.”
    He looked down at the robe covering his legs. Property of Tillman Psychiatric? Was this a joke? “I . . . I can’t.”
    “Sir, don’t make me ask twice.”
    Heart pounding, he caught a glimpse of his face in the rearview mirror and started screaming. That ancient, wrinkled horror wasn’t his. It couldn’t be. He was only twenty-three!

    1. Truly excellent, Tamara!
      One of my greatest fears. :)


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