Saturday, April 30, 2016


Here we are at the end of the A to Z Challenge.  We started this month with the hope of launching the IWSG anthology Parallels: Felix Was Here into the stratosphere, and only time will tell if we succeeded.  Who knows where the anthology will be when it reaches its zenith?  We, the ten authors who’ve contributed to this book, can only hope that those who do read it find an enjoyable and thought provoking experience within its pages.

Dive into worlds where memories may be sacrificed for the sake of utopia, where drug trials are unregulated, where cures for diseases may bring about even worse consequences, and people are sorted into groups, inevitably leaving a few who don’t fit nicely within any one box to fend for themselves.  Experience the horrors of looking into the eyes of a serial killer every day and exploring the memories of the dead.  See a society where all but a few people are interconnected by a worldwide network, or another where the internet can be explored through a virtual reality interface.  Experience the magic of creatures folded from paper coming to life and the unsettling feeling of being haunted by that which never was.

There’s a wide variety of stories to read, and odds are that you’ll find something that will entice and intrigue you.

The release date is fast approaching!  May 3rd is just around the corner.  It's this coming Tuesday, in fact!  Are you excited?  I know we are!

Don’t forget!

Every comment gives you a chance to win one of ten copies of Parallels: Felix Was Here!


  1. A happy end for the A to Z challenge, and a new adventure with the release of Parallels! I'm looking forward to May 3rd!
    Congratulations! Everyone!

  2. I'm quite intrigued with your word choices. I look forward to May 3rd! Congrats on reaching letter Z!

  3. So excited - I've been enjoying taking this journey with these nine fellow talented writers, and I would be honored to continue working with them in the future!

  4. It's coming up fast. Where did the month go? Congrats on meeting the goal of the Thunderclap campaign!

  5. It’s a wrap!
    To the Parallels Team, congrats on reaching the finishing line.
    Release day is two days away!
    Writer In Transit

  6. Congrats on a successful completion of the A-Z challenge :)


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