Saturday, April 23, 2016

T = Tippecanoe and Terror

Cherie Reich and Sandra Cox are here today and are sharing excerpts from their stories "Folds in Life and Death" and "Rainers," respectively, in the forthcoming Parallels: Felix Was Here anthology.

The Curse of Tippecanoe, also known as Tecumseh's curse, is a historical curse placed upon the presidency, starting with President Harrison and seemingly ending with President Kennedy, although both President Reagan and President Bush (George W.) survive assassination attempts. In "Folds in Life and Death," I pondered what if Reagan hadn't survived and what that would mean with the new President elected in 2000. Here is an excerpt from "Folds in Life and Death" by Cherie Reich.

T is for Tippecanoe

“Thank you, Sarah.” John Kelly stood not far from the White House. A gust of wind blew his suit jacket against his lean frame. Behind him, dark smoke trailed from the destruction. Other TV crews crowded along a police barrier. “As you can see, smoke billows from the remains of the West Wing. Paperists search for souls. According to sources, a drone slipped under the radar and plummeted toward the White House. The explosion occurred after one o’clock. We await word on whether or not President Moore and his family survived. Until further notice, the FAA has grounded all aircraft except official military ones.”

Allyson jumped to her feet and headed to the foyer to grab her coat, keys, and purse. As a Paperist, she could help locate souls. As the President’s sister, she needed to be in Washington, DC.

The Curse of Tippecanoe struck again. She warned her brother Charlie not to run for the 2000 Presidency. Since 1840, every President elected every twenty years had died in office. The most recent victim of the curse occurred in 1981 with the assassination of President Reagan. Was her brother dead? Did Tecumseh and his brother, Tenskwatawa, kill another President?

Her hand touched the doorknob, but she didn’t turn it. Should she go to Washington, DC? If she didn’t run into any traffic along the way, a car trip would take her four hours. Alive or not, Charlie wouldn’t want to see her.


Terror~Intense, sharp, overmastering fear. An instance or cause of intense fear or anxiety. ( Here is an excerpt from Sandra Cox's "Rainers."

T is for Terror

Grrr. Two pair of glowing eyes stared at me in the dark. 

My blood crystallized in my veins, the only thing flowing through them…terror.     

Backing up, my shoulder blades hit the jagged edges of the cavern wall. My vision adjusted enough to make out a gray wolf and her pup a few feet away, her lips drawn back in a snarl.

She growled again, then crouched. 

My hands on the rough interior surface, I inched backward along the wall, going deeper into the cavern.

Grrr. She sprang.

I took off into the darkness, racing for all I was worth, my heart pounding so hard I was afraid it would burst loose from my body.

She’s gaining on me. Fear screamed through me. Up ahead a shaft of light flickered from an indention in the cavern wall. The air wheezing out of my lungs, I lunged for it, stretching out my aching legs as far as they would go. Pushing for one last burst of speed, I jumped into the narrow cleft. 


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